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Router cutting (CNC milling machine)

We offer you the service of high quality router cutting (cnc milling machine). Low prices, speed of work.

Advertising agency GiovanniBG offers milling, contour cutting and cutting of sheet material using a CNC cutter. Material – aluminum sheet (up to 2 mm), MDF, PVC, aluminum composite panel (etalbond), plywood, Plexiglas.

Mechanical processing

The processing of metals and non-metals by mechanical cutting with a router is a proven and often used technology. The convenience of using a router-cutter is that in a short time it can cut shapes of various complexity and size depending on the given design and parameters of the machines.


The router-milling machine has a wide application in advertising for the preparation of advertising inscriptions and signs, production of wood carvings, medals, stamps, orientation equipment, clichés. It is used in construction for cutting and cutting etalbond. In the industry: production of printed circuit boards, front panels for machines and electronics, prototypes, molds, vacuum presses, fine details for models, etc. CNC milling services are used in construction and repair activities for the manufacture of decorative panels or grilles, in the production of furniture from chipboard and MDF, in the production of packaging, billboards and advertising signs, advertising materials for the point of sale.


The router works on three axes simultaneously – x, y and z. The longest distance along the machine the router travels along the x-axis, the y-axis refers to the width of the machine, and the z-axis refers to the depth of incision in the material. The movement of the router is determined by the design set by the operator using CAD software. CAD files can be created by various programs – Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator for XxY tasks and ArtCAM, AutoCAD for XxYxZ tasks.


Router cutters can process different materials according to their model – for example, they can work with metals (ferrous, non-ferrous) or non-metals (plastic, PVC, etalbond, Plexiglas, wood, ceramics, rubber, leather, marble).

When making advertisements, advertising materials and means for mass visual communication, modern advertising agencies must have a CNC router (milling machine) to achieve high quality in the production of an advertising product. The three servo motors through which the movement is transmitted along the coordinate system providing super precise cutting allow the production of any 2D 2.5D and 3D details. Most often CNC router is used for precision drilling, milling, scraping, cutting of almost all materials known to mankind, and in advertising is cut and engraved most often foamed PVC, fiber, styrofoam, MDF boards, ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene- styrene), plexiglass, aluminum, brass and other non-ferrous metals.