Ние предлагаме качествени услуги на ниски цени

We offer you the service of high quality laser cutting of metal in Sofia at low prices. Laser cutting of metal Varna.

Laser cutting of metal Sofia

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a method for cutting metal sheets, which is extremely precise and durable. It is done by directing a huge amount of energy to a small area. It is used in industry as a highly effective method for cutting materials. You can take advantage of our Plexiglas cutting service, as the end product can be many things: signs, inscription templates, wall inscriptions and others.

Where is laser cutting used?

The machines we have can process many types of materials: metals, wood, plastics. We can also cut metal pipes. We offer laser cutting of plywood, wood, MDF, laser cutting of inscriptions, letters, names for decorations, billboards, decorative panels, souvenirs and more. The only disadvantage of laser cutting is that it cannot be performed on a material that reflects light.

Benefits of laser cutting

A great advantage of laser cutting of metal layers is the fact that you can work with very complex profiles with small radii. Due to the improvement of technology over time, laser cutting allows some degree of automation and thus newer machines are more productive. Unlike mechanical cutting, laser cutting does not contaminate the materials because there is no physical contact. The distinctive feature of this cutting method is that the slits are perfectly accurate and there is no mechanical impact on the material. The cuts are completely clean, as the cutting nozzle delivers gas, which blows away the waste material, splashes and vapors, eliminating the need for additional processing. It is characterized by short deadlines.

Why choose us?

Jovany has high quality equipment and a professional team. We present you extremely good opportunities for cutting non-ferrous and ferrous metals with the help of our high quality machines. We are a leading company that treats each client responsibly and professionally, with the main goal being to meet their needs.